Welcome to South America Adventure Tours


Wondering where and when to spend your next holiday? Don’t look any further!
Come and join us to escape your daily routine and discover a new world of sensation and emotion.
Experience something new, meet different people and discover other cultures.


Our friendly staff will use their own experience and knowledge of South America to guide you through the decision-making process of organising your trip and will take you to breathtaking, vibrant and colourful places.


Be captivated by the Arenal Volcano puffing in Costa Rica or be in harmony with nature on board Hot Air Balloons flying over the forest, listening quietly to the howling monkeys.
Be amazed by the walls of ice in Argentina, as well as vistas of the Iguazu Falls, which will make your eyes water!
Be inspired by the world’s biggest rainforest, the Amazon, along with its wildlife and its tranquil waters.


Explore remote islands such as the unique and beautiful Galapagos, or learn more about the ruins of ancient civilisations in Peru.


These activities are merely samples of what you can experience but there is much more to be discovered, so do contact us for a trip of a lifetime!